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We selected the 25th of November for our year end function. This has been a very full year, and we had to scramble to fit it in before too many of our members left for their annual holidays.

After an October and November packed to the gills with the Killarney motor show, The WRX Championships, our run to Franschhoek, and assorted other events, options were limited, in terms of timing.

Once the date was finalised, it became an issue of where, and we looked at a variety of options. The Grand, although gorgeous, wasn’t even on our radar, being late November, so the season has begun! It was only when discussing the venue with Peter van der Spuy, that he suggested it.

Honestly, I never thought they would be able to accommodate us, but asked him to speak to his friend, Sue, one of the owners, and, hey presto…. We were in!

Not only is the venue simply stunning, they were a pleasure to work with. The food delicious, and so were the welcome cocktails. We were even given secure parking for our cars, and the evening was set.

This year, we opted to have a party, rather than the usual dinner, and once the decision was made to go this route, it was a question of music. Not hard to arrange when one of committee members is Colin Plit, man of many talents, and a bass player in one of Cape Town’s top cover bands.

We prevailed on Rock Steady to do the music for us, and, as confirmed by our members of all ages…Rock Steady rocked us all. We must be a fairly unique club, because in addition to the fabulous band, we have a president who can sing. Ken impressed us all with ”It’s my life,” and Mustang Sally! ” I’m told by all the members who were there that it was an absolutely fabulous end to the action packed 2017 calendar.