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AWARDS DINNER    18 May 2019                                                                                JANE PLIT

Our awards dinner this year, as every year, is a tribute evening to all of you who display your beautifully prepared cars at or concours event, and this year was a beautiful display at Grand West, as the story has been told by Glen Esterhuizen and Peter Blows.

We have an evening celebrating our winners, and also those participants who didn't win, but did participate.

It's always nerve wracking, because everyone wants to win, particularly those with older cars, and their passion is so clearly event, and I'm so relieved that I'm not called upon to judge.

Glen Esterhuizen put together both the concours event, and the awards dinner.

This year we held it at a different venue, The Blaauberg Beach Hotel. Many of us slept over, which saved us late troughs back home, and the accommodation was lovely.

The venue itself looked superb, with gorgeous flowers in the cocktail lounge, where we were served Frangelica coffee cocktails as a welcome, before going through to the dining area, beautifully set up with 5 candle candelabras featuring tall black candles, and assorted model Porsches on each of the tables, dressed in elegant black cloths.

Johnny Koen, yet again, brought his skill and repartee into welcoming us all, as did Glen. Johnny entertained us worth Chappie Trivia, and the only member who would have challenged any of the entertaining factlets was our own master of did you know, Lourens Bester. My welcome address was radically reduced in length, as it was all encapsulated so well byJohnny and Glen (no complaints from me!)

It was a pleasure to have some of our sponsors there, Wayne Plit, from Motul, with his beautiful wife, Paula, and Andrea Cavalieri and Werner Herbst from Sela. Without sponsorship, our events would be very much harder to put together, and our clubhouse would be that much more difficult to run. We thank you for your contributions and enthusiasm. Sincere thanks to Andrew Gunn and Iona, who donated their delicious Sophie Te'Blanch and Mr. P.

A short list of the winners of each class follows, and my greatest congratulations go to our over-all concours winner, Peter van Der Spuy, a very well deserved win in your beautiful black beast. All our places will be shown on our website, but congratulations to all of you. The judges were consistent in their evaluations, and although there is no doubt that some members are disappointed, the winners were superb, and in some cases, the difference between First, and Fourth was less than .3, so to our judges, a hearty thank you.

To our two members of the year, Lynda and Ken Wentzel, I have no words which adequately reject our appreciation of editing you have done for the club over the 30 years since you first became involved with the Porsche Club Cape. Your contributions are legendary!

There is no doubt that the wooden spoon went to the right guy, Glen Esterhuizen! In spite of pulling off two major events, which has taken great skill, and both were very well done, for the till you took on my mental health, that award, has, I think, found its final resting place!

Till next year, I thank you all, and salute you!