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The Cayman S is considered by many to be the best-handling Porsche currently available. After all, the Cayman is 90 percent Boxster with just a teensy bit more power and a fixed roof. The all-new Cayman R, however, has still more power, is lowered by about an inch, loses about 100 pounds and adds the lightest wheels currently available on a production Porsche. So, which version of the Cayman really is the best-handling Porsche?

The folks at Autocar asked that very question, and they set aside some track time to find out. The S goes first, and Autocar's Matt Prior gushes over the Porsche's steering and handling while he slips and slides through the Silverstone Porsche driving experience track. Then comes the Cayman R, which very obviously has even less trouble keeping all four tires glued to the road. So, which one takes the cake?

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