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Porsche Club Concours                                                          Peter Blows and Glen Esterhuizen


Our annual Porsche Club Concours was held in the Market Hall at Grand West Arena on 31 March 2019. The event was held indoors so we did not need to worry about wind and bad weather. The entrants were ably assisted in form-filling and placement, by Stephanie and Kaitlin Esterhuizen, and Birgit Lamm and Eve Levinsohn.

This event is one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar. Preparation for this event by our members happens months in advance. The level of competition is high with all participants aiming for the win in their category. Judging of the event started at 10am while all the participants looked on nervously, hoping that they did not miss cleaning any part of the vehicle.

Once again Johnny Koen acted as our MC for the event and kept everyone entertained by interviewing both competitors and members of the public on their thoughts on the cars on display.

All vehicles entered for this event were judged on the following: Exterior, Interior, Wheels, Boot, Bumpers, Engine and Glass. Specials attention was given to participants using silicon which was still wet on their cars (which is not allowed in any concours) We also had judges checking under carpets, fuel caps and behind the seats for those little hide-away places that are never cleaned.

The judges were carefully selected and knew what to look out for this year. Our judges were also given rules of judging two weeks before the event and were asked to go through the rules of judging.

We managed to fill up the Market Hall at Grandwest, with over 40 cars on display, there were some spectacular vehicles. We also had some new members come show-case their vehicles as well. Visiting president from Porsche Central, Albert Du Bois was also present and commented that our event was of a very high standard.


We had vehicles ranging from Matt Kreeve’s 1960, 356B (75HP), Michelle Hambly Grobler with her amazing 1962, 356 Super 90 Porsche, Jerry Barnard with his 1995, 993, winner of the concours 2018, Arno Michels with his 996 GT 2 Speed Yellow monster. We also had quite a range of bright coloured cars, from Cliffy Bacon’s blue 997, Timothy Stanton’s Green 991 GTS and of course Colin Plit with his bright orange 997 GT3RS.   

Then we had a newborn Porsche arrive, Ian Crooks who displayed his brand new GT2RS with only 150km on it. There were over 40 cars this year, entered to compete as cleanest car of the year and to have the boasting rights for the next year.

Just to add to the excitement we started a new class called the Outlaw Class where we had 4 vehicles that entered this class, so if you think you can compete in this next year, bring your modified Porsche and compete in the Outlaw Class.

I must say it was a great event with delicious food supplied by Grand West and sponsored by our club. We had a lounge area set up by Motul and this year we had a bar where we could buy drinks and relax while the cars were being judged.

Porsche Center also came to the party by supplying free hand outs to the public and also showcased the new SUV models which included the E3 Cayenne and the Macan 2.0.

All in all, this was a great event, and made possible by the enthusiasm of our members, and the generosity of our sponsors. Thank you all.