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It was with great excitement that my son and I headed out to Franschhoek with a friend in our 997 GT3’s. We met Matt Kreeve at the Engen one stop on the N1 while we waited for some more cars to arrive. Every now and then you could hear the stunning sound of other Porsches going down the N1 on their way to Franschhoek. On the arrival at Franschhoek we were struck by the amazing selection of about 40 Porsches in attendance.

The outing included a very valuable driver training experience. Professional driver trainers were available to assist owners better understand the dynamics of their cars in a safe but technically challenging environment.  This experience has really helped me gain more confidence with my GT3 and find the limits of adhesion. It has also given me the ability to balance my car on the edge and smooth out my driving.

This Porsche club experience followed the Porsche driver training at Killarney a month or two earlier. The ability to be able to drive at ones own pace and find the limits of the car at a venue with flowing corners that reward accurate lines and punished missed ones, definitely helped notch ones driving up a number of levels. At the end of the sessions my confidence and comfort with my car at the limit had grown hugely. Even my son who races karts and the F1600 single seater national series was impressed with his old man. I know that is not going to happen often.

The day ended off with a drive through the vineyards to the Franschhoek Motor Museum with an opportunity to amble through the ever-changing collection of really unique cars on display. I had a big smile on my face for at least a week after this event.

I was so impressed with the way the event was organised. Everything was clear, everyone was made to feel comfortable at their own level, there was a perfect balance of driving time and relaxation, eating, social and coffee time which resulted in a most enjoyable day. It was a highly professional and exceptionally well-run event which many corporates would find hard to beat.

Thank you to everyone at the Porsche club who put in a lot of hard work to make the event the phenomenal success it was. I am already looking forward to next years event (hopefully).