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AGM  Backsberg - 2017

Sunday morning saw us gather at the Engen 1 Stop on the N1, in all our glorious forms and colors, from Michelle Grobler's new Cayman GT4, to the beautiful red Boxter Cabriolet, and all sorts of beautiful others as well!

We set off on the journey mapped out by Hennie Botha, in convoy, en route to Backsberg, obviously using back roads, and stretching ourselves out a little on the open road.

When it appeared that some in the convoy were getting a little confused, we broke up into the followers and the rebels. (Needless to say, the rebels, using GPS got there sooner, and I'm told that a future event will comprise map reading lessons for those of us challenged in this regard! Don't hold out any hope for me, I don't think any amount of lessons will help)

We had our AGM, with more members present than needed for a quorum, and it was an efficient and problem free meeting. 

Enver, the past president and current Secretary, has elected to step down from his position, and unfortunately, is talking Zelda (who was co-opted onto the committee) with him. We will miss their presence at our meetings, but they have offered to continue assisting where needed. We are grateful to them for the great job they've done, and thank them for their willingness to remain involved. Billy Fourie had also elected to step down, and so our committee had shrunk significantly from the more tumultuous election of last year.

That said, the committee are pleased to welcome Eve Levinsohn, Colin Plit and Shane Williams on board. We have a great and enthusiastic and capable committee, headed up by Ken Wentzel, and we are all grateful to have him at the helm, with his always-ready-to-help first mate, Lynda. Robert did a sterling job of treasurer, as usual, and presented us with a thorough, but concise, report of things financial.

With business taken care of, we sat in the shade of the gorgeous trees and lots of umbrellas, at Backsberg, where we had a sumptuous spit-roasted lamb lunch, with superb salads and desserts, and, being lunch time, and a road trip, were (mostly) judicious in our consumption of wine.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve on a committee that just gets on and does what needs to be done. It gives me a much better understanding of the work done in the background, by all committees, past and present.

Jane Plit