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The Porsche club members went for a weekend outing at the Air Force Base at Langebaan, which is situated on the West Coast and is the home base of the Silver Falcon Airforce Aerobatic teams and basic flying training is done by trainee Airforce pilots or pupil pilots.

Thirty-seven members with 17 cars arrived at the base on Saturday morning 8 October at 11:00. We were introduced to the officers as well as to General Matamba, the Commanding Officer of the base.

Refreshments and muffins were served for the members while we were given a display by five aircraft from the Silver Falcon Aerobatic team. Members watched in awe while these young pilots took their PC7 training aircraft through various manoeuvres to show-off their amazing skills.

After the display, we had the opportunity to meet the pilots and to inspect their aircraft which most members did.

We were then allowed to take our cars on the 3.2 kilometres runway to have a “quick look” at the flowers - and “quick” being the operative word - as the cars passed all the flowers in a very blurred vision through the windscreen.

From the runway we proceeded to the PC7 flight simulator. The simulator is used to train pilots to hone their skills in all sorts of situations and weather conditions. Two lucky members, who won the lucky draw, had the privilege to show off their skills as pilots. By all accounts they seemed thrilled by the experience.

After the simulator, we parked our cars in a huge hangar, where the cars would be safe for the night. We were then transported to our quarters (Military quarters), which were surprisingly very comfortable.

Pre-drinks were had at the Officer’s mess, which was followed by an auction of a painting of the Silver Falcons. Nick McFall was the auctioneer and did a sterling job on raising the bids. The successful bid went to Dave and Michelle Grobbelaar. The proceeds from the auction will go to the pilots of the Silver Falcons for kit they need.

Dinner was served at 19:00, which consisted of a five-course meal, wine and port. After speakers from the General and Jane Plet our President, we were presented with a talk from Major Esterhuizen on the traditions of the Military toast. The toast goes way back in history when soldiers toasted their victories in combat on the battle fields.

By 23:00 members were dropped off at their various accommodation.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast in the mess, which was served with great coffee and cappuccinos, which many blurry-eyed members were thankful for after an extended party at their accommodation.

A pleasant weekend was had by all and we departed for home by 09:00.