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THE AWARDS DINNER -  17 June 2017

Saturday the 17th June dawned bright and early, and we (Colin and I) headed across to the venue at 15 on Orange, to deliver the delicious Sophie Te ‘Blanche Sauvignon Blanc, so generously donated by Andrew Gunn. What a lovely venue, even without the specialised lighting, donated by...., and the banners which were put up by Ken and Colin. Lynda, Birgit and I helped with the setting up

Colin then took some time out from helping with decor and other trivia to try out the car simulator... He's better on a real track, all this did was make him dizzy!!

On arrival, guests were offered a welcoming glass of bubbles or fruit juice, and congregated in the reception area of the hotel, to catch up and greet each other. The ladies all looked lovely, and the gentlemen looked pretty dashing too, particularly Francis Carruthers, in his kilt. Gary Kieswetter elected not to go black tie, which definitely lowered the tone, a little!

The lovely hall and fabulous food were a wonderful backdrop to a terrific evening which saw the awards handed out to various winners, and complimented by the delicious Madonna wines, sponsored by Dimitri.

The Awards Dinner is an event to honour the people who prepared their cars, so well and so lovingly, for the Concours Event, held earlier this year at Grand West.

Southern Sun Vacation Club, through Glen Esterhuisen, generously sponsored the 4 main prizes, of stays at Sun City, for the winners.

Prize winners were:

Peter Van Der Spuy

Nick Rust

Geoff Biehl

Jannie Gildenhuis

Arno Michel 

Colin and I were surprised and pleased to win the award for the members of the year, and also quite amused at confirmation that we tend to be viewed as one entity (which sometimes annoys Colin, because being married to a bit of a loud mouth isn't always easy.)

By all accounts the accommodation was superb, luxurious suites being allocated to those who elected to stay over. The whole event was marred by Lynda being chosen as dish of the day by a less than friendly Pit Bull. In the early hours of the morning, Lynda was accompanied by her less than sober companions, via Uber, to the Mediclinic, using a fairly circuitous route, as directed by previously mentioned inebriates. 

Some embroidery later, at 4+ am, all fell gratefully into bed, before getting up bright and early for a final clean up and check out.