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A TRIBUTE TO BERT UPTON (4 Nov 1954 to 6 June 2015)

In order to be interesting, any club needs to have different characters, and one of our biggest characters was, of course, Bert Upton!

His gentle smile belied a wicked sense of humour, and he was best known for his superb art work, which some of us are lucky to have, either on our helmets, or cars, or in some cases, his witty cartoons.

He was passionate about Porsche, and raced in the Fine Cars category. He was a people-person, who other than his family and friends, loved nothing more than a braai and listening to music,. When he spoke of his children, it was like watching a light being switched on; he glowed with pride in Jenna and Damien! 

His gentle love and affection for Lesley was also lovely to see, and all of us miss his teasing and joking presence behind the bar. His humour was often irreverent, but his kindness out-weighed everything else about him!

There is no comfort in losing a friend, but some small measure comes from the fact that, if you're going to let go, let it be while they're doing something they love!

We miss you, Bert! We know you're out there, somewhere, playing music, especially The Blues!